Financial Information
  • Business Ownership Split

    Scienta Scientific AB is the parent company of the Scienta Scientific Group (‘Scienta’) based in Uppsala. 

    Scienta develops long-term profitable technology-based business applying a combination of an extremely high level of technical competence and awareness of customer needs. 

    The parent company, Scienta Scientific AB, is responsible for the overall management of companies forming the Group. The parent company offers the Group services, primarily related to information technology, overall quality control, financial and accounting services, security and premises. 

    Post merger, Oxford Instruments retains a 47% share of business ownership, with the remaining 53% divided across leading Swedish investment firms and Scienta Management.

Performance and Financial Position

  • In May 2015, Scienta Scientific AB acquired 100% of the shares in Omicron NanoTechnology GmbH.

    The merger joined two of the leading innovators within instrumentation for surface science physics - VG Scienta and Omicron NanoTechnology (‘Omicron’). 

  • The newly formed constellation creates new capabilities for the research community by bringing together leading competences within the development of high-end electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin-film solutions. 

    Hence, Scienta now operates on the market under three trademarks - ‘Scienta Omicron’, ‘Vacgen’ and ‘Scienta Sensor Systems’ within three main fields of activity. 

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