• The Group

    Founded in 1983, but with roots tracing back to 1962, the Scienta Scientific Group is the leader in Ultra High Vacuum components and systems for Surface Science and Material Physics. 

  • Key People

    Scienta Scientific is driven by leaders of industry and research, dedicated to the continued growth and development of the group.

  • Mission Statement

    To support leading scientists, institutions and companies with advanced solutions, and spread these solutions through affordability.

One Group, Two Leading Brands
  • Future Technology

    Scienta Omicron is the leader in UHV systems for Surface Science and Material Physics, combining electron spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy and thin film deposition techniques.

  • A Safer World

    Scienta Sensor Systems is the leading specialist in detection of radioactive airborne noble gases, integrated into systems installed around the world to monitor radioactive pollution and nuclear events.


Latest News

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